When a Rally is a Mob

MAGA has morphed into MAMA, Make America Moblike Again

By Andrew Lidden Pate

They disgust me to the core of my being, the Wednesday evening echoes from North Carolina that still ring in my ears a whole night later, "Send her back!  Send her back!"

Not that I'm somehow so distant I can claim innocence.  Far from it.  The shouts arise from the throats of people very much like me, a more or less "normal" American.  I share their fears, many of their concerns and their desire to make our country better.  Yes, I am complicit.  I did not do the shouting, but I allowed it to magnify, as has the rest of the so-called "silent" majority who all-too-meekly stood far back as a very inadequate man stampeded into the leadership arena of our nation three years ago.

But I cannot and will not remain silent.  Too much is at stake.

America, wake up! Tis the clarion call.  Answer the mob! Shout it out....out of our existence.

I write, I speak, I travel.  But mainly I am a minister of the Christian faith, so let me affirm what I heard Wednesday evening last.

In a darkly alarming way the shouts coming from North Carolina sounded like "Crucify him! Crucify Him!"— the cowardly screams of the angry mob that surrounded Jesus  on the day of  his Crucifixion.

With a different aim of course.  Not at one man, but at four women, who, to the yellow-hearted mob members, pose a serious threat to their wallowing in a social sickness that has rotted their very souls.

Oh, would, that I were as forgiving as the Master—  "...they know not what they do."

I'm not there yet. And I don't want my Lord to be crucified again, before my very eyes.

I pray that I speak for most of my fellow citizens.






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