Hallelujah! Our Great Expectation Has Been Fulfilled!

Remember JC and his boys?  Stop!


By Andrew Lidden Pate


It is very hard to be perfect.  I know.  I’ve tried and mostly failed.

The few times I’ve succeeded haven’t mattered much.  No one seemed to notice my amazing transformations.

So, I’m most impressed by the One Person I now know—thanks to a recent Revelation—who is perfect, absolutely, in every way, which is really all the time, because everyone else has shameful peccadilloes of one sort or another.

I’m writing this because in my heart I’ve come to believe that we, all true Americans, should honor this perfect person rather than dishonor or doubt him, as many inferior people seem constantly wanting to do.

Yes, this Perfect Person  is a he.  And to be honest, it’s only been since Mr.P (as he will be hereafter) was revealed to me that I’ve been reawakened to the obvious:  only a male can be perfect, something I’d forgotten that Jews and Christians have known since they first heard or read Genesis 1 & 2, or Isaiah 9.

In American history, of course,  there have been numerous politicians, lawyers and seriously ordinary citizens who’ve claimed to be experts on the U.S. Constitution.  Until our recent revelation, however, none of these types knew it all, as does Mr. P.

I have not been alone is accepting the Truth of Mr. P.  His most ardent followers took that step months ago.  As a fortunate consequence, their once screechy, piously boring voices have been silenced.  Miracle of miracle!

Disagree? Then stop and focus your thoughts for a short while on how wonderful Mr.P. is for our nation politically and legally.  Serious searches  for meaning and the correct constitutional applications are no longer needed.  For in Mr. P. , we've had handed to us "everything" perfectly, without error of any kind whatsoever.

Also, we should stop looking for blemishes in our Star Perfect.  Everything about him is perfect, including his hair, his body, his mind, and what he does sexually, politically, business-wise and other wise.

Remember as well, other-than-Perfects can no longer make moral judgments.  Mr. P. has zero need of such.  So, let’s stop all this negative talk about racial discrimination, climate change and the need for educational reform.   Blah! Blah!  Blah!

Finally, and most importantly, forget JC It’s DT forever!





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