Let’s Go Spiriting

You've probably never done it.  Gone spiriting, that is.  Most people don't know what it means.  They know they need it, but they don't have a name for it.  They are very much aware of the foreboding emptiness corroding their innermost being.  But they don't have the vaguest notion as to the quality or the experience they need to fill that gaping hole in order  to feel healthy and whole again.

Yes "again."  We've lost it.  We must rediscover it, if we are to live fully.

The reality is:  we moderns have lost touch with the very best that is in us—the Spirit Power with which we were born that gave us the potential to be awesomely creative, consistently positive and ever prepared to love every lovable person and thing in the world.

So, I invite you to join me.  Let's go "spiriting."  Let's see if we can reignite within ourselves a new and blazing flame of that Goodness and Good Will which are the most authentic signs of Spirit Power.

Are you ready?  Here's what we're going to do:

First, we're going to tale a hard look at ourselves and ask the hard questions.  What went wrong?  Where did we lose our Spirit power?

Well, and in short,  it took a while.  An horrendous civil war exposed our weaknesses and our naked vulnerability to the anti-Spirit.  The industrial and technological revolutions depersonalized our relationships, leaving us in a moral decay that rotted away at our common humanity, unabated, slowly aft first, but in the past century, ever too rapidly and with consequences  seemingly beyond our abilities to control much less reverse.

In this decadent deterioration, greed and power took over.  The easy life replaced the good life as the goal of our mutual existence.  We left the church and the church left itself.  We all were secularized, or more precisely, de-moralized.

If we can admit that we are now in dire need of a rebirth of the Spirit, we have taken our first necessary step in our rebirth.

If we can't do that, we will remain paralyzed and unable to cope with the multiple  issues threatening  us as individuals, as families, as citizens of the world.

So, let's go!

Go, return to church, bent on reawakening its dead spirituality.  Search out and learn from your friends in whom Spirit Power is still alive.  Be honest in your prayers. Study the scriptures.  Talk about spiritual matters with your friends, within your family.  Reconnect with all others desiring to  share in our"spiriting" recovery.

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