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We search out and publish news from around the state. We look first for national and worldwide news affecting Texans. Next, we look for announcements that are of interest statewide but perhaps hidden from the view of many.

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Especially Sports...

Outstanding competition takes place in small towns throughout America, and especially in Texas. We center on the latter and give timely updates throughout the year, beginning with fall football.

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Freedom in Thought and Deed

The Lone Star is one of 50 in which freedom of the press is a bedrock principle. TexOpress publishes its opinions, not as perfect, but as serious attempts to apply our cherished values to the problems and issues we experience in the United States of America.

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Grounded in History . . .

TexOpress originated in 1997 when its publisher was writing an award-winning  weekly column in his home town newspaper, the Refugio County Press.   Five years ago, the online form debuted as The Copano Express, highlighting the history of,  and high school sports along the coastal bend.  In 2016  the Texpress was published for the first time to include statewide coverage.  TexOpress is the 2018 product.


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