By A. Lidden Pate

There’s little doubt that the vast majority of Trump’s “core” followers know exactly why they despise his critics. They see his opponents as arrogant, rude, unpatriotic left-wingers, communists and socialists—plus every other sorry trait or circumstance they find unacceptable in people who are “different."

Trump’s critics know and understand this.  Because they think like the Trump loyalists,  who are fellow Americans? No.  Because they don’t.  The people most helpful in expressing their antagonism toward the president are guided  by an entirely different approach to life, including how they perceive politics, politicians and American democracy.

There are some bad people in the anti-Trump world, to be sure.  But as evidenced in the popular media every day, many of the most ardent critics of the president are extremely well versed in politics.  They speak and write with clarity and are forever questioning themselves, their own motives and the accuracy of their published  reports. They are continuously observing and searching, seriously at work in the present!

On the whole, today we have two opposing world views at war with one another. Trump’s is negative; Anti-Trumpism, positive.

Trump’s MAGA symbolizes the negative; for it denies the good of the present while passionately embracing the deceptive longing for a wondrous past that never was.

On the other hand,  “Yes, We can!” (Obama and others) affirms the  ability of Americans to confront and deal with the present by living out the genius of American democracy amid all the uncertainties and changes history delivers to them.

Trump's base is a very angry,  unhappy bunch of folks, a hostile  tribe, if you will, in earnest quest for somebody, anybody, especially Democrat,  to blame for their predicament.

One ought not be surprised, therefore, by the fact that Trump backers refuse to listen to attacks upon their man.  Yet the attacks continue, and they will, which only magnifies  the Trumpite misery.

This is the case for both the average person-in-the-street Trumpite and the one who is a professional (Republican) politician.  All sides are desperately trying to find a way to discover, maintain, or bring back real happiness, an endeavor destined to fail because those involved operate out of mental and moral weakness.

And so it is that the most informed of Trump’s critics  are asking themselves every day, How do you change the minds of stubborn, recalcitrant Americans who are running like scared rabbits from the Truth about their president.

You keep telling them.  He’s a liar.  He’s unfit.  He is unworthy of being your/our president.  And you do this until the most insulated and angriest of the Trump followers wake up to discover the joy of what they've been missing.

Hopefully, that will be soon, very soon.

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