When the president “grows up,” I’ll “get over it

"Get over it," Trump's acting chief of staff Mike Mulvaney said in his press conference of October 17, 2019,  in response to ABC's  Jonathan Karl asking him to confirm or deny a quid quo pro the president may have made with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky in a phone conversation of July 25, 2019.

Ukraine will receive favorable treatment from the U.S., (the quid, my reading) if Ukraine will investigate and make known corruption activities by Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden during the Obama administration (the quid, also my reading).

It's done all the time in politics, Mulvaney was saying.  "Get over it."

At the time, it appeared (to me and probably to many others) that Mulvaney was pleased with his abrupt "in your face" put down.  But post-conference he had second thoughts, and immediately denied having confirmed the quid pro quo.

Mulvaney would, in hindsight, certainly have done himself and his boss well if he'd never made the put-down.  It was damaging to the core for the president since it is manifestly illegal for a U. S. politician to obtain information from a foreign country on a U.S. political opponent.

Clearly, intended or not,  Mulvaney's "get over it" was an impulsive, childish statement addressed to professional newsmen and to any number of well-informed American citizens.  Which is understandable, that he made it; Mulvaney works, you see, for a man-child who has the physical features of an adult but talks, thinks and acts like a spoiled three-year old.

Strangely, many of Trump's most ardent supporters have thus far not accepted Trump's plain-as-day immaturity.  (If they have,  they've certainly not admitted as much in public.) They need to acknowledge, loudly, the infantile behavior of the little boy president they support.  For the "greatness"  of America Trump so boisterously claims to uphold will not long hold true.  Its an historical known:  No nation can stay tight with its highest calling if it allows childishness to guide it into darkness.

Trump's father enrolled him in military school when he started the 8th grade. Why?  Because Donald Trump was immature.

Later, as a college student, Trump intentionally sought and obtained draft deferments; then, upon graduating from college, he obtained a highly suspect permanent draft deferment—clearly not the actions of a young man seriously intent on becoming a real-life patriotic American.

In addition, to the present day, Trump's derogatory nicknaming of opponents and, perhaps most glaringly, his ridicule of a crippled newsman and veiled disrespectful reference to a woman in menstruation—more than childish, which they are, these are the totally unacceptable acts of a person totally immersed in self-gratification.

I do not know for sure.  I have not done a serious study.  But I strongly suspect that if I did research into why Trump has declared four bankruptcies, the underlying causes of his failed marriages, why he has refused to release his income tax returns and leaned heavily on unproven conspiracy theories to attack political opponents---I suspect I'd find strong additional confirmation that mentally and behaviorally, the president's maturation processes got stuck in kindergarten.  That "damn Wall."  He can't pull himself away from playing with building blocks to construct a blockade against imagined threats.

Telling, too, Trump  continues without end to blame others for his mistakes, like the bully-boy he is, refusing to accept any personal responsibility for his actions.

To be frank, I doubt the president will ever grow up.  He enjoys being a man-child too much, it's who he is.

And to be yet more frank—as long as powerful politicians are willing to enable and support Trump in his infantile doing and thinking, we the people can fully expect shame and more shame to be heaped upon us each day he remains in the Oval office.

That said, I close with a note of encouragement:   Picture, if you will,  all of Trump's Democratic and Republican 2020 opponents together in a room.  I don't see a child among them.





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