Wake Up, Americans! A Betrayal Begun and Carried Out by the Highest Officers in Our Land, Spells D-a-n-g-er to Our Beloved Country!

Believe Today's Great Prophets, the Threat is Real!

Let's call it as we see it: there is in our national life  a Judas Syndrome hard at work to undermine and destroy our country's historic greatness.

We extend our warning in this manner lest we ignore the danger the Syndrome places us in, as did Jesus' closest disciples after he had foretold them of his own approaching betrayal.

Wake up! is Our Call.  We are not Jesus and cannot self-proclaim our resurrection; it's up to us to halt the Judas in our midst

To the degree that the essential teachings of  Jesus lie historically embedded in the constitution of the United States —a linkage few Christians would deny— our analogy holds.

Unfortunately, under the present Administration we are experiencing a well-coordinated, intentional effort to destroy the basic national values and principles that have served us and the world so well since 1776.

The Betrayal shows itself mainly in three ways:

#1 - In an embarrassingly inept, totally corrupt leadership, beginning at the very top and backed up by milk-toast, Congressional and Cabinet co-conspirators, all of whom are daily carrying out sustained attacks upon the freedom and justice that have historically molded the heart of our nation's awesome successes and enabled us to overcome our failures.

#2 - These attacks are supported by lie after lie from these amoral leaders, with their clear intent being to hide the leaders' true purposes and cause divisive confusion among their opponents; and

#3 - As in the 1st century, these Judas' leaders of Century 21 hide behind a rigid, absolutist  mindset that pretends to be good and holy, but which,  in reality, is rotten to the core.

I believe that we ignore the Judas syndrome of 2019 at our own great peril and, too,  that if we continue to let it proceed  unchecked we will soon pass through the "mockery" of a trial, the end of which may well be our nation's damnation to oblivion.


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