Trump’s Press Secretaries, Incompetent or Misunderstood?

I wonder.  . .

He's had three in his first term.  Obama had three in his two terms.  Why?

Well, it's not unusual for a president to have several press secretaries.  George W. Bush had seven in all.

But something's odd about Trump's trio, and Americans need to figure it out, I should think, if their image of Trump's abilities is to be soundly voted on in the 2020 election..

Stephanie Grisham

As is pretty well known, each of the Trump trio—Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and currently, Stephanie Grisham—has had major PR problems.

Sean got off to a bad start.  Remember?  He announced on the day of Trump's Inauguration that the crowd was the largest ever, which was quickly disproved.

Sarah, of course, was known to be combative, notably with CNN's Jim Acosta, while also possessing a special talent for manufactured exaggeration.

Consequently, there has not been a public briefing by a presidential press secretary for 255 days.  There has been no daily press briefing by the secretary since March.

Of the three Trump press secretaries, Stephanie Grisham may be the most troublesome, or the most misunderstood, depending.

In July, Ms Grisham was named to succeed Sarah Huckabee Sanders as press secretary and director of White House communications.  She had formerly held a similar secretarial position for Melania Trump.  Conflict and confusion have ensued since her July transition, for example:

When asked if she would hold  press briefings, Ms. Grisham said it would be up to the president, adding that past briefings had provided  "a platform for reporters to become famous."

Also, Ms. Grisham has said of  former White House chief of staff  John Kelly that he was "unequipped to handle the genius of our great president."

And when the president  referred to his opponents as "human scum,"  Ms. Grisham defended Trump's smear, saying his opponents "deserve strong language."

So, I have wondered, knowing that I am an ordinary citizen who feels compelled to react to Ms. Grisham:  In ordinary times by ordinary people, she would be judged "incompetent" at best.  How in the world was she ever placed in a job next to the president with an annual salary of $183,000? I have no satisfactory answer.

Stephanie Grisham graduated from Eastmont High School in East Wenatchee, Washington.  She has lived most of her adult life (she's 43) in Arizona, where she gained much of her previous political experience, mostly with the Arizona legislature prior to beginning work for Trump's campaign in late 2015.

Ms. Grisham's basic problems, it appears to me, have less to do with her lack of a college degree or other formal education and more to do with her immaturity and inability to enlarge her vision of the world and enrich her understandings of the complexities of political discourse.

In Arizona, twice Ms. Grisham has been charged with DUI,  The first was amended with a lesser charge. On the second charge, when she failed to appear in court, she was required to pay $1,600 in court costs.

Ms. Grisham is twice married, twice divorced, and now single. She is the mother of two sons, Kurtis (20 ?)and Jake (11, ?).

When spokeswoman for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (2014), she described  the botched execution of Joseph Rudolph Woolf as "peaceful."  When told Woolf was "gasping," she said he was "snoring."

Ms. Grisham's Wikipedia biography supports these points while also noting that she was fired from AAA of Arizona for "cheating" on expense reports. and from Mindspace, for plagiarism.

At this point, my wondering turns to concluding:  It is clear to me Stephanie Grisham does not have the minimum qualifications for the position (s) she currently holds.

Of Trump's three press secretaries, Sean Spicer brought the best credentials to the job, in my judgment.  He was a Connecticut U. graduate with several years experience as a strategist for the Republican National Committee.

Ms. Sanders did bring her Quachita U. degree to the position along with the considerable political experience she had acquired working for her father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

My underlying problems with Trump's press trio are (a) their  lack of  balance in observation and (b) their insufficient skill and experience for doing the secretarial job well.

For me, a presidential press secretary must, at a minimum, have an "advanced" understanding of American government and a well-developed skill in articulating the positions of the president they represent.

For substantiation of my position, I recommend that the reader make a simple comparison of the  qualifications of Trump's trio with those of Obama's three press secretaries:   Robert Gibbs, James Carney and Josh Earnest.  All three Obama appointees were exceptionally well qualified, regardless of whether one agreed with their politics.




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