Trump and His 12 Dwarfs, skidding down they are, down history’s hell-bound slopes

Those who do not know history will surely zig and zag down its slippery slopes to the very end, where they will inevitably be left without honor.

Currently, among those "not in the historical know" are Donald Trump and the members of his team who are repeatedly committing the "mistakes" future presidents  will learn from and, if wise, never repeat.

From "the Wall" to the "Trade War," from the "Ivy Towers" to the "Golan Heights,"  Trump's presidency—rightly called "accidental" by Gertrude Stein— has failed already.  We don't need to wait until November 3rd, 2020, to make that judgment.  And here's why:

Mexico has not paid one dime for the Wall, as Trump time and again promised they would. We have seen $10 trillion added to our national debt.  Trump's tariff wars have badly hurt our farmers and others, while taking us to the brink of an unwanted recession..  There's been no evidence to emerge that coal miners will ever have a significant number of their jobs restored.  Expert scientific climatology has been debunked and ignored.  Our once awesomely great alliances with our traditional allies have been severely weakened if not broken permanently.   Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have only  worsened.  And our historic warm "welcoming" of persons fleeing into our borders to avoid persecution and poverty has been all but erased as policy.  Too, the head of our educational system has embarrassed us with her lack of insight and knowledge. Consequently, the esteem around the world with which we were once held no longer exists.  Instead, we are regarded as a grievously weakened nation: unreliable and untrustworthy, despite our military strength.

And there's more, too much more that that could be stated regarding the monumental nature of the Trumpian failures.

Here, though—for posterity—is a listing of 12 Trump officials most likely to be reduced historically to mere footnotes, or therein represented as utter failures in governmental leadership:

    1. Attorney General William Barr
    2. Director of Policy for the President, Stephen Miller
    3. Senator "Moscow" Mitch McConnell
    4. Senator Lindsey Graham
    5. Representative David Nunes
    6. Vice President Mike Pence
    7. Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro
    8. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
    9. Secretary of State Betsy De Voss
    10. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin
    11. Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs Ben Carson
    12. Secretary of Labor James Wall


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