To: Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr.


Your misapplication of your misguided faith.

Who am I?  A relatively unknown mainline Protestant theologian of sorts, and pastor of a small Texas church.  But my faith is real.  It is strong.  Its controlling aim is, I trust,  to be true to Christ and the best historical interpretations of our faith.

I urge you, I beg you to reexamine the manner in which you have been complicit in promoting the unChristian forces at work in the Trump presidency.

You are misguided indeed.  Your faith-application does a grave injustice to the New Testament witness and is, moment by moment, adding fuel to an unholy fire that is ravaging the very soul of our society.

For one, Trump's personal morals fall far short of the New Testament standards set for political and social, personally responsible Christian leadership.  Yet you have condoned his lies and evasions while also dismissing as naught their devastating impact upon humanity , as though you're thinking, like Hitler and Judas, immorality is now acceptable, however unfortunate.

Secondly, please know that I have genuine respect for your strong advocacy for the unborn.  I share that, totally.  But you have interpreted the pro-life teachings of Christ much too narrowly and failed to see how they are embedded in the Roe vs. Wade decision as well as in the 14th and 9th amendments to the U.S. constitution.  Christ taught reverence for ALL of life, including that of the mother, as well as that of every death-row inhabitant.

And please prove me wrong, if you can:  I believe that neither you nor I nor anyone else has the God-given right to make abortion or non-abortion decisions for the expectant mother and those affected by her pregnancy.

In my judgment, the underlying problem in Roe vs. Wade is that for many it has become just another form of birth-control; have sex as you please, if pregnancy results, get rid of it.  I teach and preach against that, while at the same time, knowing that I am not God, which role you appear to me to assume is yours, particularly in your manhood..

Thirdly, and most significantly perhaps, your support of Donald J. Trump is creating and contributing to emotional and mental illnesses that are making us an unhealthy, some say "rotten-to-the core" nation.

Trumpites deplore our best educated minds, be it with respect to personal behavior, advanced subject knowledge or climate change.  Trumpites protect racists and demigods as they give ignorance a place of honor at American dinner tables.

Every one of these "sick" applications is a tool of the anti-Christ.  Each fails miserably to uplift the reconciling, all-embrasive love of Jesus Christ.

So, yes, I urge you, I beg you:

Come home to Christ.


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