This Morning Plus – 21 Nov 2019

Stocks Fall on Dimming Hopes for U.S.-China Trade Talks

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell after a U.S. bill in support of protesters passed the House


The United States ambassador to the European Union told the impeachment inquiry his efforts to press Ukraine to announce investigations were ordered by President Trump, and top officials knew.

Nicholas Fandos and Michael S. Schmidt—NY TIMES

'His beliefs are appalling’: email scandal sparks calls for Stephen Miller to resign

Members of Congress, civil rights groups and a conservative columnist among those demanding Trump adviser step down


More than 80 members of Congress, 55 civil rights groups, three Democratic presidential candidates and one conservative columnist are among those demanding that the White House senior adviser Stephen Miller resign, or be fired, in the wake of a leaked email scandal.

The communications had revealed the top aide’s obsessive focus on injecting white nationalist-style talking points on immigration, race and crime into the far-right website Breitbart, both during and after Donald Trump’s successful bid for the White House.

In the past week, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has released multiple reports showing Miller promoted racist fears, disseminated conspiracy theories and injected a white nationalist agenda into the website Breitbart News.

The SPLC said the findings come from a 900-email correspondence between Miller and Katie McHugh, a former writer for Breitbart. McHugh was fired in 2017 for making anti-Muslim comments and has since renounced the far right.

The day the first batch of emails was released, Tiana Lowe, a columnist at the conservative newspaper the Washington Examiner, criticized the SPLC, but said “interns have been fired for less” than what was revealed about Miller in the emails.

“We can’t say with certainty what hate is or isn’t in Miller’s heart, but we know that he was happy enough to use the work of hatemongers and kill the GOP’s last shot at immigration reform, apparently because it would help predominantly Mexican immigrants,” Lowe wrote. “It’s long past time for Trump to dump Miller.”

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