The time has come…to show care and concern

By A. Lidden

Anger and frustration, if allowed to fester and grow, can cause our thinking and our actions to become horrendously destructive, not just for ourselves but for all who are connected

Every person who’s ever gained even the slightest insight into life through the reality of living it knows that illness begets illness unless doctored.

But what to do?  How to move beyond the inevitability of disaster?  These are not incidental questions.  They are critical.  And how we respond to them will be determinative for our future.

First, though, if we ourselves are to respond in healthy fashion, we must acknowledge the serious dysfunction in our president, who, day after day, shows the world that his mind simply does not function in the manner expected and required of his office.

Donald J. Trump is not a well person.   His paranoia and narcissism, his irrational observations and troubling responses to events should be of major concern to every one of us.

Whether we have political power or not, we can take corrective steps in our own right.  And here are four we think responsible Americans may take immediately:

#1—We can back off our criticisms of the president, just as we would if he were one of our family.   Magnifying our anger toward him, following its insane directions, will only worsen matters, making us participants in and enablers of Trump’s instabilities.

#2—We can make serious request of those closest to the president, that they respond accordingly and treat their man as one in dire need of expert medical assistance.   The job has gotten to him.  Simply put, his instincts and learned methods of operation are not working in constructive fashion.  Trump’s family members can help, and quickly, if they so choose.

#3—If the president’s family members and closest friends are themselves paralyzed by the circumstances, then we must turn to responsible members of the Cabinet and Congress.

Is it too much to ask of these “responsible” parties that they intervene?  Only if they do not care about the consequences of their failure to do so.

Then, lastly, let’s request of the Fourth Estate:

#4—Please continue unabated your daily, hourly exposure of the president’s illness, in the conscientious mature manner many of you are already doing.  America needs you to continue, as never before in its history.

Mr. President, if you are reading or listening to this, do know that while we may disagree with you, we do care about you.  And know this as well:  we desperately need you to be “on top of your game.”






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