The Born Again Conspiracy

There's nothing quite so adorable as an intriguing conspiracy .  Believing in one is much better than hugging a cuddly Teddy bear or sipping a glass of hot chocolate on a cold winter's night.  The "adorable" conspiracy generates not just comfort but also excitement, at one at the same time. And if it's doubly adorable, it lasts a long time, some think forever.

Ask that group of expert "Christian" followers often called the "evangelicals"—a name given them to single out their obsession with conspiracy-conversion.

These modern evangelicals thrive on  the ghostly and the ghastly,  on unprovens and on pure fantasy. When all else fails, they have the ultimate answer, a yet more fascinating myth than those they've previously spouted.

One could go on and on endlessly about the "born again" myths of Trump's  most devoted religious fanatics.  Their number of tall tales is countless, mythical of course,  like the one that claimed God's plan was to end the world on the first day of the year 2000.  Many still believe this prophecy.  That it did not happen simply means we have our calendar wrong.

Among many others, one "born again" conspiracy currently stands out:  the claim there's a secret plot amoung the U.S. Intelligentsia to end the presidency of one Donald J. Trump.

According to the most recent version of this conspiracy, it actually began back  in 2016, when Joe Biden arranged for his son Hunter to obtain an extremely lucrative contract with a powerful Ukrainian oil company.   It was at that time that The Intelligentsia, with the help of Ukrainian henchmen, conceived its plot and has since had as its solitary objective Trump's Impeachment and Conviction.

To save our nation by being "born again" requires the whole-hearted acceptance of this Intelligentsia Conspiracy  and also the acceptance of its predecessor,  the one born in the Birther movement.

The logic connecting the two conspiracies  is easy to understand.  Obama was the illegitimate president due to the legitimate questions surrounding  his birth in Hawaii. Trump, on the other hand, is the legitimate president due to the illegitimacy of the questions surrounding his election.

To wit, we the people are asked to be true believers, to join the "born again."

In response, as a Christian minister, I am deeply troubled, for it seems to me that neither of these "born again" conspiracies has anything to do with what Jesus meant when he said "you must be born of water and of the Spirit."

When  you are "born of the Spirit," you become truthful, rational, loving and welcoming. You even care about people who are different.  That is my understanding!

Sadly, our currently active "Born Again" Christian conspirators have no understanding whatsoever of what I'm talking about.  They're too busy chasing another fantasy, any fabricated, irrational theory that might somehow validate their existence.




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