Tops in Texas — 18 May 2019

House panel adopts stricter Confederate monuments bill

By Chuck Lindell

A Texas Senate bill designed to make it harder to remove or replace Confederate monuments and other memorials has been changed by a House committee to a version that, in key ways, is stricter than the Senate-approved version.

R E Lee banished

The new language, for example, forbids removing, relocating or changing any monument or memorial on government land that honors “an event or person of historic significance” and has been in place for 40 years or longer.

And there will be no public hearing on the new House version.

That’s because, in a hastily called meeting Tuesday of the House Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee, the wording of Senate Bill 1663 was tossed out and replaced with the language from a House bill that already had been given a public hearing and was approved by the committee, only to die last week without a vote by the House.

Trump’s economy strong. Obama’s was better

By Froma Harrop



Border Patrol agents rescue migrant family

The family's makeshift rafts capsized in the rain-tormented Rio Grande on Thursday

Boeing storing grounded 737 Max planes in San Antonio

By Madison Iszler—EXPRESS NEWS

Houston Ship Channel dredging could be used for coastal barrier

By Nick Powell

Plans to maximize traffic in the Houston Ship Channel could dovetail with a Rice University proposal to protect the region's coastal communities from future storm surges.

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