Tops in Texas — THURS 18 April 2019

Texas A&M Athletic Director Scott Woodward LSU Bound

Not everyone in Aggieland was pleased.

A&M Insider website magazine reported Wednesday afternoon that Woodward is returning to the university where he, an LSU alumnus,  was instrumental in several of its major athletic achievements.  Joe Alleva resigned as LSU AD on Wednesday.

Longview exhibits Civil War artifacts

McClellan Saddle


Texans feel for the wounded Lady of Paris

NY TIMES photo

A priest apologized for anti-LGBTQ diatribe. Here's what he and the bishop had to say.

Tom Whitehurst Jr—CC CALLER TIMES

Texas Tech Vet School Not Needed, says Texas A&M Official


A Texas Tech veterinary school is not needed and would be a duplication of effort and a waste of money – all at the expense of the quality.

Let’s look at the facts. The Texas A&M University System has invested $90 million in the Panhandle, with more to come, all in support of veterinary medicine, the livestock industries, local youth pursuing veterinary careers, and the region’s economic development.

A&M just broke ground on a $22 million, Veterinary Education, Research, and Outreach Facility (VERO) on the West Texas A&M campus, just 17 miles south of where Tech wants to locate its school.


Texas man used James Bond technology to hide his license plate — now he owes $5,400 in tolls

By Jillian Chaney


What Rural America Has to Teach Us

Civic service as a way of life.

David Brooks
    By David Brooks—NY TIMES
In this fine article, Brooks echos themes highlighted by TEXOPRESS.  We commend the full article to our readers.  Click on

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