Tops in Texas — WED 17 April 2019

Dairy producers facing another year of low milk prices

By Jamey Lozano—Amarillo Globe News


A priest apologized for anti-LGBTQ diatribe. Here's what he and the bishop had to say.

Tom Whitehurst Jr—CC CALLER TIMES

Texas Tech Vet School Not Needed, says Texas A&M Official


A Texas Tech veterinary school is not needed and would be a duplication of effort and a waste of money – all at the expense of the quality.

Let’s look at the facts. The Texas A&M University System has invested $90 million in the Panhandle, with more to come, all in support of veterinary medicine, the livestock industries, local youth pursuing veterinary careers, and the region’s economic development.

A&M just broke ground on a $22 million, Veterinary Education, Research, and Outreach Facility (VERO) on the West Texas A&M campus, just 17 miles south of where Tech wants to locate its school.


Texas man used James Bond technology to hide his license plate — now he owes $5,400 in tolls

By Jillian Chaney


What Rural America Has to Teach Us

Civic service as a way of life.

David Brooks
    By David Brooks—NY TIMES
In this fine article, Brooks echos themes highlighted by TEXOPRESS.  We commend the full article to our readers.  Click on

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