Sunday Morning with Andy

Finding What's Right in the World When Most Everything Feels Bad

Everybody has ups and downs.  But what if the "downs" don't go away? and  just stubbornly stick around and make things increasingly miserable?

"Funk" seems the proper name to call your status, if you're in a downer.  You're moody, hard to get along with, and there are few people, if any, you like to be around.

The "Funk" can be personal, uniquely yours.  Or it can be shared, like in a church, a school or a nation.

We can overcome a "funk", of the  personal or of the collective kind, if we want.  Here's what has worked for me and, as I've observed, for others:

First, tell yourself "this too shall pass."  And it shall, even if at the moment total disaster seems to loom all around you.  Your team loses; you don't get what you most coveted; the person most dear to you dies.  Nothing can possibly relieve the hurt, so you think.

We must not delude ourselves at such down times.  They are inevitables in living.  But life does go on; and in the long run, almost always for the better.  You pick  yourself up, you accept where you are, you feel the pain, you do not run from it.

In sorrow, hope is born; in sadness, the warm feelings of appreciation for the "other."  Out of defeat and agony, there arises the pulsating joy of a new birth and, yes, rebirth.

Knowing these realities makes it possible to look ahead and see the good, not just in others and in the world, but in yourself.  You are precious in His sight.

Happy people celebrate victory.  Happy people embrace human decency.  Happy people are in love with the beautiful life everywhere, in humanity and in nature.

Happy people overcome, in isolation at times, but mostly together.








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