Sunday Morning with Andy – 1st December 2019

'Closing Out' with a New Beginning

December offers us a grand opportunity, the gift of beginning again.

That's the precise meaning of Advent.  We look ahead, not casually, but in wondrous anticipation.

For sure, there are too many people for whom life in December 2019 may be without meaning.  Their lives may be too burdened, or their cabinets too bare,  confirming that they're strapped for cash or without a steady income.

But none of the bad ought deter us from a new beginning.

If we're down on ourselves, we need to take a second or third look at the wealth in our person, or as Jesus might say, rediscover the "salt" within.

Christmas carols, the lights and the beauty that December brings us aim to give us hope and inspire us to do the best with what we've got, and not succumb to poor-me feelings of inadequacy.

To do this, I've found it helpful to stay away from angry people and an obsession with bad news.  I see other happy folk doing much the same.

Listen for the good, the holy.  Look, above all, for the beautiful.  And enjoy.

Soon, you'll feel new again.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! May God bless and keep us all!.


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