Sunday Morning with Andy – 17 Nov ’19

Fixin' our Heads, Putting them back on 'straight'

Everybody gets rattled at times, like being confused about what you want to do or where you want to go next.

For me, that's just being human.  Usually, by just stepping back or doing something different, that simple act will  clear away the ratttles.

But there are times when we humans can get terribly confused.  When this happens, unattended, it can get worse—things that were important are no longer. Very little appears to have meaning.  When this hits you,  how can I get myself out of this mess becomes  the deeply troubling question that simply will not go away.

My first counsel when my thinking goes badly awry or that of a friend does and he comes to me for help, I  say: " Get your head on straight!  Change your attitude.  Do an abrupt turnaround.  Don't just wallow in your misery, attack it!"

Usually, I've observed, a terribly confused mindset is the result of value loss, or values lost:  the confusion is the result of the person's not holding to his or her core values.

In religions terms, we call this turnaround "being born again"  Which may mean an intentional return to living by basic truths known to work for the humankind, bits of wisdom you were likely taught in your family and your teachers growing up.

Call it what you will, "born again" or "puttin' my head back on straight," it's the best  way, I believe, to break out of thinking gone wrong.

Maybe you've started living a life you were taught was wrong?  Maybe you didn't even do it on purpose?  It just happened.  And before you realized it, you found yourself in deep, deep trouble.

Make a friend, learn to meditate, associate on purpose with healthy people.  If they're your true friends, they can and will help you.



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