Sunday Morning with Andy – 13 OCT 2019

Making Ourselves Whole Again

A broken bone, a bad cut, a sprained ankle—these and other minor body hurts usually don't linger for very long.  We get over them fairly quickly if we're otherwise healthy.

But a broken spirit is another matter, in the long run often more serious.  Our work, our family life, our personal lives and, far from least, our life together—all can be irreparably damaged if the brokenness is allowed to go unattended.

There are ways to mend a broken spirit.  I know, from my own experience, from watching others, and by taking the proper mending steps myself and successfully encouraging others to do the same as they have needed.

There are many avenues to mending a shattered spirit, I have discovered.  Some can be quite simple, like reading a good book, or doing a simple task that brings satisfaction just in the doing.

Most important, to my mind, is to put behind whatever has broken one's spirit.  Maybe it was a bad personal mistake, which has caused considerable personal remorse and regret.  Perhaps one has turned away from beliefs and practices he or she once thought important but for whatever reason(s) has ignored or left behind.

In other words, the cure is " to heal thyself."  In religious terms, this means "getting right with God,"  reclaiming the values that are known to bring happiness and well being through living the Way of the Master.

In closing, I repeat:  the broken spirit can be healed!  If we need and want it to be.

May God bless you and yours this holy day and throughout the week ahead! AMEN


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