Sunday Morning with Andy – 10/06/2019

Hope, when there is none. . .

The movie's title stands as though there's only one:  Judy. When you see the word and are over, say age 30, you know without being told who the movie is about.

It's a beautifully done production, with Renee Zellweger giving a superb portrayal of the iconic super star Judy Garland (1922-1969)

But Judy is not a happy movie, certainly not in the ordinary sense. For its
central figure was not a happy person who was forever exulting in the glory of her extraordinary talent.  No, she never had a life of her own, from childhood.  Her marriages failed her as drugs and alcohol repeatedly pushed her into despondency and crisis.

Yet Judy is an inspiring movie to experience.  For real life issues are brought boldly to the screen as Zellweger uniquely expresses the authentic emotions which were the very heart and soul of Garland's astounding voice.

The message?  Even in the darkest of lives stained badly by success, there is hope, even when hope seems to have disappeared.  For hope is forever striving within to burst into joy and affirmation, if not in one's self, in the lives of others.

Judy Garland may never have known the happiness she desperately longed for.  But beyond any doubt, she gave happiness to millions, including to me.



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