Scared? Angry? Welcome to the World

Andrew Pate

Exceptions?   None.  College vs. No-College.   Rural vs. Urban.  Ultra Left vs. Ultra Right.  Billionaires vs. the Poor.  Trumpers vs. the Anti-Trumps.

Everybody's  mad as hell.  .  . and scared, scared to death they'll die in misery long before Climate Change really matters.

Strange looking people wearing strange clothes talking a strange language.  If one is not mad or scared, one is not living on earth, a  planet soon to enter  2020, historians tells us,  a year of the Lord only the Lord knows.

We're so rattled we can't even pay more than five-minutes' attention to the fun things we used to enjoy, like who was the winning pitcher in Game 7 of the World Series ? And how's Tom Brady doing this year?

Also of note, these days every foreign leader, except Putin, shares the same identity:  "Oh, you know, what's his name!" (Her too).

Sure, some of us have  some of the answers.  But only because we got desperate.

We fight and we argue without end over immigration and health care, with our most common  methods of combat  being:  The tattoo flex! accentuated by shouts of  mother-f----r and b-st-rd .

Makes us wish—doesn't it?—for the good old days when Apaches and Comanches on the warpath  reminded our American ancestors that they were for sure headed toward a better future.

How can we rid ourselves of our fears and our hatred and return to being "plain ole" crazy Americans?

Rodney King had it almost right.

We must all learn how to get along.





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