Saturday Night Special: The War We’re In!

Critical Analysis

However unwanted and unsought, American Democracy is immersed in a life and death struggle for its very future

The United States is at war!  not with a foreign enemy, but within itself, where is being fiercely and deceptively waged a battle for its heart and soul—Democracy itself.

Will our historic values stay the course?  Or will they be banished to the hinterlands?  Will true patriots win, or be crucified? Such are the critical issues at the heart of the war's conflicts.

In largest measure, this war is between the Wise and the Foolish.

The Foolish wish the war to be defined as one they are fighting against an undefined entity they call "the "Deep State,"—a sick and demented conspiratorial view, the demeaning, illogical product of irrational, anti-democratic Trump-thought.

In reality, the entity against which The Foolish have aimed their political guns is a group of U. S. "officials" and patriots rich in governmental knowledge and experience.  They are the "Deep and Wise".

The "Deep and Wise State"  is composed in the main of persons with years of experience and know how in defending the integrity of the United States of America.  They work, or have worked, in virtually every department of the federal government, most importantly, however, in the Intelligence agencies— the CIA, the FBI and in National Security.

The "Deep and Wise" are not associated through some secret or formally organized grouping.  They are mostly active behind the scenes, responsible individuals  bound together by a common purpose, which is to protect and keep American democracy.    Some are close friends.  Some have worked together for years. Some are relatively new to DC political gamesmanship.

Members of the Deep and Wise stridently endeavor  to maintain the course of American diplomacy that has been so successful  since World War II, namely by clinging steadfastly and at all costs to the irreplaceable relationships that America has enjoyed with its staunchest allies since WWII, namely  the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia and, yes, Germany, Japan and several others shaped by democratic values in the modern era.

Like their leader, Donald J. Trump, opponents of the Deep and Wise are anti-rationality (resentful of learned intellectuals), anti-immigration, anti-non-White and pro-authoritarianism.

Enemies of the Deep and Wise  share with Adolph Hitler a blind, uncompromising nationalism that has enshrined worship of the nation as essential to its existence.

A particularly alarming attribute of these opponents of the Deep and Wise is the childish ignorance of its presumed leader, who knows next to nothing  about American history and much less about  how the United States has operated so effectively in the world since 1776.

In fact, Donald J. Trump,  presents himself repeatedly as "above the law" and as possessing the power to "do anything" he wants.  In an extremely disturbing manner, he cozies up, first and foremost, with "crazy" and power-minded dictators, always the arch-enemies of American democracy.

Unprecedented in American history is the degree to which Republicans have abandoned  the traditional norms of their party for the anti-democratic principles of  the Foolish.

TexOpress will continue to report the critical issues and news from the major battlefields on which this War for America's soul is being fought.


Among the "Deep and Wise"?

John Brennan

Nancy Pelosi

Neal Katyal

James Comey

John Lewis

Opponents of "The Deep and Wise"

Donald Trump



Lindsey Graham

William Barr




Jerry Falwell, Jr.


David Nunes


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