When Nothing Seems Settled


When nothing ever seems settled….

By A. Lidden Pate

Those hoping the Mueller report would bring closure or finality to the question of whether there was Russian-Trump collusion in the 2018 election followed by obstruction of the probe itself are probably terribly disappointed this morning—March 25, 2019— after AG William Barr issued his letter summing up the report over the weekend.

“Cover up!”  some declare.  “Justice accomplished!” exclaim Trump backers.  Yet, as this page and the front pages of our national media confirm, the controversy continues, and will, certainly through the November presidential election in 2020.

In the lifetimes of most of us, the multiple issues raised during the Mueller probe will likely never be resolved.

Is this good or bad? one might well ask, and follow up with,  Why can’t we find a conclusion satisfactory to most of us?

Neither and never are our quick answers.  Some of their supporters, for example, still argue that Nixon and Clinton were railroaded by political opponents.  And, believe it or not, there’s a goodly number of Americans, particularly in the Old South, who still think that slavery was not the major issue that led to the Civil War; no, the underlying cause was disagreement over States Rights, they declare.

It’s human nature, Freud would likely say, to defend oneself, and not confess to being, or having been wrong.  And rare it is, that we hear a strongly opinionated person admit to such.

Also, it is never possible for us humans  to learn or discern “all the facts” or relevant data on controversial issues.  For one thing, none of us is capable of assimilating the “whole” truth; and the media who inform us can only give us what they have found, not the entire picture, circumstances, or facts about any topic.

Simply put, we are humans.

So, the bluntest of questions now smacks us in the face:  What are we to do?  Our response:

We continue.  Life is a journey, a quest, if you will, from birth to death.

We will never, of course, in our lifetime arrive at our ultimate destination—the whole, unvarnished Truth.  But we can strive toward that End, and never cease our striving until we have breathed our last.

Forever pressing toward that goal, that’s what makes the journey tremendously worthwhile.

I've loved every minute I've lived, except when I have deceived myself into thinking I knew it all or when having a nightmare about Great Evil coming my/our way.






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