Guilty As Charged, the Just Verdict Trump Has Earned

Trump's Washington, a DC Nightmare

The Dictator

The Real Trump

He has deceived.  He has denied. He has destroyed.

Donald's favorite political technique is avoidance.  He runs from the Truth.  He skirts around every core issue.

When cornered, he whimpers like the spoiled adult-brat he is.

When the honest question him, he either fires them or belittles them with words of ridicule.

His ultimate goal?  To be Putin, the all-powerful Tsar, the unchallenged Fuhrer for whom courage is defined by the size of his armies and the number of people who swallow his lies.


The Conspirator

Birds of a Feather

He has morphed the tactic of Confusion into an Art of Avoidance, a democracy-destroying-technique that has been widely acclaimed by White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

His first major conspiracy was his  Birther lie about Barack Obama; his second, the Ukrainian conspiracy he invented to destroy Joe Biden.

He has manufactured fantasy-tales to attack his enemies.

His singular success?  He has intentionally  attacked the most essential principles of our democracy and brought us dangerously close to losing it.

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