Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Andrew L. Pate, Jr. EDITOR

I cling tightly to my belief that, in the end, American democracy always wins out.  But reality intervenes from time to time; and I’m forced to loosen my grip.

The opening months of 2020, as they appear now, in limited foresight, will be tumultuous in American politics.  The Senate trial will begin and from the git-go, its proceedings will become increasingly controversial day after day.  For those of us who despise it immensely when things are never settled, the period will be frightening.  While the facts that led to Trump’s impeachment will be starkly real, his defenders will strive mightily to make the trial about Biden and something they wish to have happened in Ukraine back in 2016.  Even worse, those defenders will engage in hitherto unimaginable lies and innuendos about the Democrats and attack the FBI and CIA with every bit of gossip they can conjure up, even if it is plainly what it is:  gossip that is fact-less but ruthless, cruel, and downright wrong.

The sad part is:  Many Americans will fall for the false stuff, hook, line and sinker.  Because it’s true?  No.  Because they want to.  They voted for Trump.  They committed to him.  The truth be damned; they will show their true mettle, exposing their yellow-stained backbones while demonstrating beyond any doubt that they have no interest whatsoever in facing the truth:  Donald J. Trump should never have been sworn in as president of the United States of America.  Not only was his election tainted (in part, by FBI hesitation), his incompetence and his liking for criminal behavior (and friendship with thugs) ought to have made him repugnant to every thinking American. It didn’t.

But in the end, all will be okay.  I hope.

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