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Would you, or someone you  know like to attend college out of state?  If so, I think I can be of help, also with in-state schools if you have no reliable assistance where you are.

I have 15 years of experience as a college director/dean of admissions and financial aid.  My degrees are from UTAustin and two out-of-state institutions (private).  Also, I have studied at Rice and UCal Berkeley.  My son attended the USNA and a step-daughter earned her master's at Harvard and LLD at Boston College.

It all was a challenge, but one I welcomed.

In semi-retirement, I'd like very much to help other Texas students attend where they wish.  Texas school counselors are excellent —believe me, I know—but attending out of state or a private well-established institution anywhere is another matter.  Every bit of additional guidance helps; it really does.

If you'd like my help, please let me know.  No charge.  If fees exist along the way, we'll work together on that.

My e-mail:

My cell(s):  512.426.2427  & 979.777.5141




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