A ‘Snitch’ in time


Is this a 'snitch' in time?

For more than two 'endless' years DJT has somehow managed to avoid accountability for his reckless shenanigans, namely by managing at each critical juncture to replace persons who could hurt him with those who could fix him.

A solitary whistleblower may have changed this.  With the announcement Tuesday by Nancy Pelosi that an official impeachment inquiry had begun, the first responses suggest the president may have met his Waterloo, gone too far, that is, in his bending and breaking of the laws of the United States of America.

Regardless of how things turn out, even if the president once again manages to escape a deserved judgment, official proceedings must proceed deliberately and with applications by the best of our legal minds.  That done, then it will be up to the people to decide the ultimate outcome, as it should be.



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